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Relieving pregnancy stress

Life stresses can get the better of all of us. Yet, when you are pregnant, you may feel the effects of stress even more when preparing for your new life chapter. Your body is changing and growing a baby can naturally cause your body to feel tired as you get further into your pregnancy experience. Here we advise how you can relieve some stress during pregnancy…

Yoga and meditation

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to stay active whilst pregnant and can improve your posture without putting too much strain on your body. With relaxation and breathing techniques a key part of a yoga session, you can wind down and calm your mind. Yoga has been recognised for reducing anxiety and can even prepare you better for labour. Meanwhile meditation at home can also be great for stress reduction. Mobile apps such as Calm or Headspace can help you zone out from your worries and free your mind. Mindfulness should not be underestimated throughout your pregnancy.

Take a break

You may feel like you have particular tasks to achieve or complete before your baby comes, for example at work or in your home, but try not to push yourself too far. Recognise when you’re tired and listen to your body – take the time out to sit and watch your favourite TV show or pamper yourself when you need to. If you’re also used to being a social butterfly, it isn’t unusual to find yourself struggling to keep up with your busy events diary. Friends and family will understand if you want to ease off from evening dinner dates or Saturday shopping sprees. Relax whilst you can!

Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Without sufficient sleep each night, we can feel more stressed by everyday situations. One of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy is the craving for more sleep, and it’s unsurprising – it’s hard work for your body to grow a baby! You should try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, although this can become more difficult if you are in discomfort towards the third trimester and beyond. Have a warm bath, try a pregnancy pillow and wind down before bed to increase the chance of a good night’s sleep.

Talk to friends and family

It is good to talk! If you have any worries that are causing you stress in your pregnancy, the best thing to do is talk to people you can trust rather than hold it in. Your friends and family are sure to be understanding and offer you help or advice to ease your woes. If you feel that talking to a professional would suit you better, confide in your midwife or GP for support. You are certainly not alone!

Relieving pregnancy stress

You’re pregnant – what next?

You have taken a pregnancy test and your result has shown a positive reading. It is likely that you feel shocked or slightly overwhelmed, whether it is the result you hoped to receive or not, and this is only natural. You should take some time to let the news settle in and confide in a loved one before you think about your next steps…


If you’re happy to be pregnant

This is the news you’ve been hoping for or you’ve been trying to conceive for some time. This is a new chapter in your life, and it is exciting how things will change for you. Make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. When you confirm with your doctor that you are pregnant, your antenatal care will begin. The midwifery team will be informed that you are pregnant, and you will receive an appointment to meet with them around week 8-10 of your pregnancy.

Your health can have a heavy influence on your growing baby’s development, and so avoid drinking alcohol, taking illegal substances and smoking cigarettes throughout your onward pregnancy.


If you don’t want to be pregnant

It’s okay to feel this way and you should not hide from it. Everybody’s circumstances are different, and your doctor will not judge you, but booking an appointment with them is an essential first step. You may have already made your mind up about what you want but there may be other options available to explore. Your final decision should be carefully considered as it can ultimately change your life either way. Your options are…

• You have the baby – you may feel that your circumstances aren’t perfect, but you’re going to make it work.

• You have the baby, but you opt for adoption – this is a way of providing your child with new legal parents, which you see as the best outcome for you and baby.

• You end the pregnancy – you feel it is the right thing to do in your circumstances and you’ve thought a lot about it. To get an abortion you will need a referral from your doctor.

The important thing is that you stay calm and think rationally about your next steps. You’re not alone. If you still feel uncertain, there are organisations that can help. Visit our Contacts for Help page for more information.


You're pregnant - what next

Why choose an Early Bird Swift pregnancy test?

When it comes to buying a pregnancy test, different thoughts may affect your purchasing decision. Varying factors such as brand recognition and price may drive you one way or another when in the shopping aisle. However, would knowing more about the tests available affect what pregnancy test may be best suited to you? We discuss why Early Bird Swift could be the one for you…

Accuracy and speed

Early Bird Swift pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate (as per laboratory testing). A test delivers results in under 5 minutes. Better yet, the test works from the first day of an individual’s missed period. These features mean that you need not wait long to reach your moment of clarity, once you think you could be pregnant.

Trusted experience

With over 30 years of experience in pregnancy test development, Early Bird Swift has worked to perfect a product for our customers. This is reassuring for you, to know that our pregnancy tests can be trusted and serve their purpose. With a simple one step process and hygienic easy reach handle, we remain focused on the test’s laboratory performance, which stands the test of time.

Help and support

With Early Bird Swift, our solution for you doesn’t end with your test result. We understand that not everybody gets the result they are looking for when using Early Bird Swift, and you may need some advice. Our pregnancy test comes with a QR Code on its packaging, which you can scan with your smartphone to instantly access our Key Information webpage which gives advice for your next steps. There is also a ‘Contacts for Help’ webpage which advises of organisations that can help you if you are feeling uncertain, alone, upset or afraid, and Frequently Asked Questions webpage. An educational leaflet is further included within the test’s packaging for help and advice.


EBS Pregnancy Test

Taking a pregnancy test (reaching your moment of clarity)

Buying a pregnancy test can be a daunting process, whether you are hoping to be pregnant or not. Once you or a loved one has made this purchase, you’re one step closer to the clarity of finding out your result. You may feel that you’ve overcome one hurdle purchasing the test and now you face an even bigger one – because you face the unknown. This is only natural, but there are measures you can take to try and make yourself feel more at ease when you take a test.

A comfortable environment

When taking a test, you are more likely to feel relaxed if you are in a location where you are comfortable, such as your home. The build up to taking the test may have you feeling nervous, which is understandable. The last thing you need to be thinking about is paranoia and being unsettled so it is best to avoid performing a test in a public location or a workplace, if you can avoid it.

Support from loved ones

Have you confided in anyone about thinking you are pregnant? If you think having somebody such as a partner, a friend or a family member, close by when you take the test will help you feel more at ease then ask for their support. Whether you are shocked, scared or happy, having someone there with you for your moment of clarity can be of comfort to you. Ideally, your confidant will remain impartial and be there for you to talk to about how you feel.

Knowing your options

Beyond taking your pregnancy test, find comfort in the fact that help is always on hand. Whether you are planning for a baby, or not, and your test is positive – the next steps are up to you. If you are planning for a baby and your test is negative, there are options available to you and advice to take. You are not alone and remembering this before and after performing your test will help balance your mentality.

For help with your next steps please read our key information and visit our ‘Contacts for Help’ page.