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Unplanned pregnancy – what to do next?

So, you’ve taken your pregnancy test and the result is positive – it is completely normal to feel somewhat overwhelmed or surprised. Whether it was a result you were expecting or not, it is natural to feel apprehensive. Making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy is personal; information and support helps, but only you can know what is best for you and your situation…

Mixed feelings

It is completely ok to have mixed feelings if you find yourself pregnant unexpectedly. Talking to people you trust, whether that be family, friends or your partner, about your options is important and can be reassuring. You may prefer to speak to someone less close to you; if you can speak to your local GP or someone at a local sexual health clinic then this will all be kept confidential. Regardless of how you move forward with your pregnancy, you may find it helpful to build a support system.

Explore your options

When you become aware of an unexpected pregnancy it is also completely natural to feel dazed by your options, especially if you do not have a support system in place. It is normal to ask yourself questions like, What should I do if I’m pregnant and I don’t want to keep the baby? Or, Am I ready to become a parent? It can be difficult to answer these, but you are the only person who can decide on which of your pregnancy options is best for you.

What can help me decide?

Most people need to think carefully about a number of things before making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy, whether that be; work, education, money, life goals, health or safety. Consider how you feel when you think about abortion, adoption or keeping the baby and think about what you want for your own future. It may be helpful to ask yourself questions like, How would my decision affect me?, Will I have the support I need? Or Am I ready to go through pregnancy and childbirth? There are lots of different factors to consider.

If you are uncertain, alone or afraid, then please consider contacting these organisations who can help you. Everything discussed is always private and confidential.

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