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Staying healthy during pregnancy

Pregnancy and becoming a parent is an exciting new chapter in your life, but this life change can also feel all-consuming. Staying healthy in your day-to-day life can be tricky enough, so staying healthy when pregnant can be an even harder task, as fluctuating hormones can make you feel lethargic and prone to snacking! Here we give you a practical guide on how to stay healthy throughout pregnancy…

Eating a balanced diet

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is especially important if you’re pregnant, as your growing baby relies on you to provide nutrients, to help them develop into a happy and healthy baby. This topic tends to be the most talked about for mothers-to-be and is normally full of advice of things to eat and not to eat. Generally speaking, a healthy pregnancy diet includes a variety of foods from the four main groups: foods that are rich in protein, dairy, fruit and veg and starchy foods – potatoes, bread and pasta!

Keep hydrated

When you’re pregnant, you need to drink even more water than the average person to enhance digestion, produce extra blood and help with the general strain that pregnancy can create. It is recommended that you drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. If you struggle to drink that much, try changing things up by adding fruits such as lemons and limes to your water, or increase your fruit and vegetable intake (as they have water too!).  

Get plenty of sleep

It is completely normal to feel tired when pregnant, as your body is working overtime to protect and nurture your developing baby! As well as physical changes, emotional factors can also play a role. The excitement and anticipation of having a baby can be stressful and can keep you watching the clock, as you start to realise how much you need to do before the baby arrives. To wind down before you go to sleep, try curling up with a good book, have a relaxing cup of camomile tea or a long hot bath – or all three!

Stay active!

Staying active during your pregnancy can boost your health and help you to adapt to the changes your body is going through. Spending too much time sitting down can be harmful to your health, lead to too much weight gain and increased pregnancy aches and pains. If you didn’t exercise a great deal before becoming pregnant, there are lots of little ways to improve your fitness. Pregnancy yoga, swimming or walking can all be enjoyable as well as fitness-boosting! If you’re lacking time to fit this in, focus on trying to walk more in your daily tasks i.e. have a brisk walk on your lunch break, climb the stairs instead of getting the lift and taking the dog for an extra walk.

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