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Pregnancy signs and symptoms uncovered

If you think you are pregnant and find yourself obsessing over pregnancy signs and symptoms, do not worry, as this is completely normal and many women do it. While ultrasounds and pregnancy tests are the only way to conclude if you’re actually pregnant, there are many signs and symptoms to look out for too. Some people believe missed periods are the only sign, but there are many others to consider, like feeling sick, feeling fatigued or developing a heightened sense of smell. Early Bird Swift, the award-winning pregnancy test brand, explores early pregnancy signs and symptoms to be aware of…

When do pregnancy symptoms start?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to early pregnancy symptoms, although it is likely that most women will start to feel the symptoms of pregnancy four weeks after conceiving1. What can be even more confusing, is that early symptoms can actually mimic symptoms you would experience before and during menstruation. Common symptoms of both menstruation and pregnancy are a sudden increased appetite, breast tenderness and stomach cramping – so it is hard to differentiate between the two! It is important to remember that these differences are subtle and vary from woman to woman.

Most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through so many changes during pregnancy. The first indication of pregnancy tends to be missing a period or having a lighter period than normal. The second sign tends to be morning sickness – anything from nausea to actually throwing up. Nausea and/or vomiting are said to affect 70 – 85% of pregnant women, as sickness is triggered by hormonal changes during pregnancy2.

Fatigue also ranks highly among symptoms of pregnancy, as levels of the hormone progesterone tend to soar in the early stages of pregnancy and can actually send you to sleep (if a high amount is emitted). Another very common sign is breast tenderness, which is also triggered by increased levels of progesterone and oestrogen.

Other signs of pregnancy that you may notice

Change in mood is another sign that could suggest pregnancy. As previously mentioned, fluctuation in hormone levels can affect both your body and mind. As well as adjusting to shifting hormone levels, mood changes can also be a side effect of the physical changes to your body during pregnancy such as morning sickness and tiredness.

Another lesser-known symptom is smell sensitivity. It could be toiletries, food or drink that may become more (or less) appealing to you, and although some studies have seen a link between sense of smell and pregnancy hormones, there is not a clear answer to why this happens. Feeling bloated is another symptom you may not really notice, as hormonal changes slow your digestive system down.

It is fair to say that some of the symptoms listed above could point to different explanations other than pregnancy, but when experienced together they do tend to point to becoming a mum-to-be. If you are experiencing multiple symptoms, then it may be time to take a pregnancy test or book a visit to the doctor.


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